If you haven’t been here before, welcome! My name is Merritt and I write the lifestyle and travel blog, The Style Scribe. As a frequent traveler, I receive SO many questions about where to go, what to do, where to eat, and everything in between. If you’ve followed me on my blog or any of my social media channels, you likely know I’m a planner. In fact, to say that I’m a planner might just be the biggest understatement of the century! I LOVE TO PLAN! I can get a bit obsessive and Type-A about it, but that’s actually what makes this new venture so much fun for me.

I’m always sharing peeks of the itineraries I make for myself on Google Docs (and the print-out versions too), and over the years I’ve had hundreds of readers reach out to share my exact travel plans. Since I already do city guides on my blog, it wasn’t something I really even considered doing… but then I woke up one morning (on a trip, naturally) and realized how many people don’t like to plan. Or are TOO BUSY to plan! Not all of us are obsessive planners and organizers like me, and even if you are, your busy schedule may get in the way of doing the proper research before a big trip.

And with that, A Detailed Destination was born. Nearly every travel website and blogger out there creates city guides, but what’s missing is how to organize those suggestions into a solid itinerary considering location, time spent, crowds, and more for maximum efficiency. When I travel I want to see as much as possible before I head home, don’t you? That’s why I’ve decided to pool together my handy Google Doc itineraries with the knowledge I’ve gained from traveling to destinations myself and create the ultimate itinerary. Once you have my itinerary in your hands (or on your phone!) all you need to do is book your flight, find a place to stay and make restaurant reservations.

When I travel I like to fully immerse myself in the cultural experience. I avoid tourist traps like the plague, try all of the local cuisine and get to know the neighborhoods like a resident. My itineraries will only feature activities, restaurants and places I’ve been to or done myself and loved. Only tried and true recommendations here!

I hope you all enjoy these itineraries and find them useful on your own travels like I have on mine. As always, I welcome any and all feedback – I want to make each guide better than the last!

Merritt Beck, A Detailed Destination